Yummy World Food Plushies

are cute, squeezable, almost edible, and makes a perfect gift for you or someone on your list.

Here’s YUMMY World Frankie Fries 16-Inch Plush that’s super-sized so you can cuddle with it. Don’t worry, you won’t get grease burns.

Yummy World Food Plushies Fries

Found YUMMY World Food Plushies Frankie Fries 16-Inch Plush at the candy store!

I found Frankie Fries at the candy store! I love how even the French Fries have cute faces!

Yummy World Food Plushies Hamburger

I also found other Yummy Word buddies like Yummy World Ketchup, Yummy World Burger, Yummy World Cupcake, Yummy World Popcorn and more.

I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all these foodie cuties.

You wanna taco ’bout it? This taco plushie is super cute and soft.

If you love breakfast, then you’ll love YUMMY Breakfast Pancake 10″ Plush. Who can resist the googly eyes and the butter nose!

I especially love this pink donut because of the sprinkles!

Since it’s almost Christmas, these Yummy World Kris Kane Small Plush 4-Pack would be the perfect plushie to hang near the chimney or Christmas tree.

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