Slice and Dice Garlic Press

Slice and Dice Garlic Press

Happy Wednesday everyone! ^_^ Another hot day here in Southern California. Can you believe it’s only spring yet the weather’s been around 90-100 degrees!? Plus the weather’s been changing constantly! One week could be cloudy and gloomy but then suddenly the next week can turn out hot like it is now.

I haven’t done much product reviews for a while so I wanted to share a cool product with you all which is the Slice and Dice Garlic Press.

Slice and Dice Garlic Press is a perfect way to prevent your hands from smelling like garlic. I love garlic but if you’re hands smells like it, then that’s a bad thing. For only $12.95, the Slice and Dice garlic press makes it fast and easy to slice, dice, grate or mince. It even stores garlic, leaving no odor on your hands.

Make sure your garlic is fresh because if not, it won’t work too well since garlic lose their firmness. This is a good way to incorporate more garlic into your cooking and your diet. Not only is this good for dicing garlic but also for small peppers.


    • Removable mesh grate for easy cleanup of pressed garlic
    • High-quality construction with stainless-steel blades
    • Second blade stores in bottom
    • Directions are included
    • Martial is made of Stainless steel

Best Cleaning Method:
It’s best to use a toothpick to clean the crevices.

Check this product out or give it to the cooker in your life!

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