One day I was looking for breakfast, yes looking, and I had this Nature’s Bakery Fig Bar to the rescue! I never tried it so I was excited to see how it taste like. I checked the nutritional facts and I almost believed the entire bar was 110 calories. But don’t be fooled! The fig bar is cut into halves and a half is 110 calories. The entire bar is 220 all together.

Nature's Bakery Fig Bar

Nature’s Bakery Fig Bar

After figuring the caloric consumption dilemma, I focused on the taste. I was never  a fig bar fan because I never liked Fig Newtons. Yuck. All it was was crumbly pastry with meh kind of fig jam in the center. After the first bite of of the Nature’s Bakery Fig Bar, I knew I liked it! The bar gets its texture from the grains such as Tapioca Flour, Sorghum Flour, Teff Flour, Amaranth Flour, other ingredients like Flax Seed, Oat Fiber, Citrus Flour, and Rolled Oats. The blueberry flavor is distinct from the Blueberries and the 100% Blueberry Juice Concentrate.

Nature's Bakery Fig Bar Blueberry

Nature’s Bakery Fig Bar Blueberry

I’m all about snacks that are NON GMO and so I was happy to see that Nature’s Bakery Fig Bar is NON GMO Project Verified. For those that are on a gluten free, vegan, or Kosher, no need to worry because they are!

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    Yummy yummers I love blueberries. I need to try this!