I’ve been wanting to try out Mon Ami Gabi for a while after now all the popular reviews online and I FINALLY got to make a visit here.

Carrot Dip

Mon Ami Gabi Carrot Spread

Sorry for the hard to see images, but that’s because it’s really dim inside the restaurant during dinner hours to give it that romantic ambiance.

Does mon ami gami give bread for free?

Mon Ami Gabi Baguette and carrot dip on the house

The host will bring you a fresh French baguette and this amazing Carrot spread to your table. I just love how the warm baguette is in paper bag.

Expensive green bean appetizer

Side of Green beans

OMG, sorry for this horrible picture but it’s really hard to focus on the image if it’s really dim inside the restaurant. These green beans are quite expensive, but I still enjoyed it.

How many calories in salmon?

Salmon salad plate

My dinner is the Salmon Salad. Every bite is amazing and I especially love the salad. I do wish there were more salad on my plate though. There are blueberries, cheese, and walnuts on the salad.

Raw bison steak

Seared bison steak special

Here is “G”‘s order of the Seared Bison Steak Special. There were some specials for the night, but this one really stood out. The bison steak is pretty raw and chewy, but it’s pretty tasty. It has a chewy texture, like raw sashimi.

Banana Foster Calories

Mon Ami Gabi Banana Foster crepes

Finally, here’s our dessert. The Banana Foster Crepes and let me tell you…it’s AMAZING. You’ll finish this entire dessert in no time because we sure did. But it’s just that delicious. I believe it’s topped with creme fraiche, banana caramel and powdered sugar. The crepe is filled with vanilla ice cream and is surrounded my slices of banana. Ah-Ma-Zing.

Mon Ami Gabi is located at 3655 Las Vegas Blvd S Las Vegas, NV 89109.


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