Hi friends! I’m slowly but surely sharing my LACMA visit with you guys. Here’s my Los Angeles County Museum of Art Adventures Part 2. There’s just so much pictures I took so it’s taking a while to upload them all to share.

Andy Warhol art

Campbells Soup Canvas by Andy Warhol

I really like this Campbell’s Condensed Tomato Soup Oil Canvas by Andy Warhol. Make sure you check it out at the Ahmanson Building, floor 2.

Guy Rose Art

Guy Rose Tamarisk Trees

What I notice about this painting is the gloomy background and the green shadows from the trees.

Taneyuki (Dan) Harada artist

Taneyuki (Dan) Harada Burracks, Tule Lake

This is quite a shiny canvas. I love how the main colors are just olive and tan yet it can differentiate all the details.

Painting art

Mountain Painting

I love all the colors on this canvas, I just wish I knew who drew this.

Arthur Frank Matthews Artist

Arthur Frank Matthews Monterey Cypress California

The trees reminds me of somewhere in Africa but it’s oil canvas of Montery Cypress California.

Darell Mayabb artwork

Darell Mayabb The Demise of the Metal Bodied Can, Cover art for CARtoons

I enjoyed the cartoony image.

Evelyn McCormick artist

Evelyn McCormick Carmel Valley Pumpkins

This painting really caught my attention because of the pumpkins next to the reflecting riverside. And now that it’s autumn, this is the perfect painting to look at.

Dunes art

Guy Rose Carmel Dunes

This reminds me of some of the hikes I do.

William Wendt painting

William Wendt The Mantle of Springs

There’s a lot of greenery in this painting. It looks so refreshing and relaxing to look at.

Flags art

F. Childe Hassam Avenue of the Allies: Brazil, Belgium

I love all the flags in the painting.

Still life bottles

Still Life with Bottles Amédée Ozenfant (France, 1886-1966)

Stowe Vase Art

The Stowe Vase Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Next up is the Stowe Vase with some face lifts.

Vase Art

Los Angeles County Museum of Art Ancient Art to Additive Manufacturing

Here is a second version in silver by leading silversmith of the English Regency era Paul Storr (1770-1844).

Ancient old vase

The Stowe Vase: From Ancient Art to Additive Manufacturing

Can you believe this is the original Stowe Vase? It originates from ancient Rome and was reconstituted during the eighteenth century from fragments.

Vase art

Ancient Vases

Comic book art

Los Angeles County Museum of Art Hello Painting

I couldn’t find who created this “Hello” painting, but I assume it’s Andy Warhol?

I hope you guys enjoyed the part 2 of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art!


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