Head over to  Santa Ana 4th Street Market as it’s a foodie heaven. There are breakfast joints, an awesome coffee shop, ice cream and juice shops and more! If you need some fresh produce or rare deli meats, there’s even a small little market there.


KTCHN DTSA Chilaquiles and sunny side up eggs

KTCHN DTSA is located inside Santa Ana’s 4th Street Market next to the Portolla Coffee Roasters which serves slow dripped coffee, fancy lattes, and more. Chilaquiles from Aunt Yese’s are delicious and flavorful so it was only natural to try some from KTCHN DTSA. Customers can order up front where the menu is posted and be sure to notice their special that’s not listed on the menu.

Chilaquiles with pumpkin seeds and cheese

KTCHN DTSA Close up of Chilaquiles with sunny side up eggs


The Chilaquiles is served on your typical Taco Truck type plate and holds everything nicely. Two sunny side up fried eggs tops the Chilaquiles and when you poke into it, the yolk just covers the fried tortilla chips. There’s pumpkin seeds sprinkled on top along with creama and cheese. Even though the fried tortillas are covered in red chili cause, it still has a lot of crunch. Some eventually soggy, but it was overall crunchy.

Chilaquiles eggs

Chilaquiles and spicy habanero burn sauce

If you like to make your breakfast extra spicy, be sure to get a small cup of the Habanero Sauce. One taste and it’ll make your tongue melt.

Steak with gravy

KTCHN DTSA Chicken Fried Steak with homemade fries, topped with arugula, sunny side up eggs and biscuit


Get a load of their Special Chicken Fried Steak! The gigantic portions will surprise anyone who orders it. The enormous steak is like fried chicken, topped with gravy, fries were super flavorful and crunchy topped with dressed arugula, and plate is served with homemade biscuit and eggs. Because of the portion, it’s served on actual plate with real non-plastic utensils and a real steak knife. Taco Plates just will not do to contain the size.

Fried steak and biscuit

KTCHN DTSA Chicken Fried Steak

Biscuits pairs well with the gravy sauce. Steak looks medium as it’s still a little pink inside. Fries are crispy and oh so flavorful. To help balance the richness of the dish, the arugula does the job.

In conclusion, KTCHN DTSA is the breakfast joint to definitely check out. Enjoy good breakfast comfort food such as Chilaquiles, Chicken Fried Steak, more. Be sure to grab some Purple Horchata next door!

KTCHN DTSA is located at 201 E 4th St Santa Ana, CA 92701.


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