Mrs Fields Ice Cream Sandwich

Klondike Sandwiches Mrs Fields can be found at your local supermarket which comes with 4 cookie ice cream and makes a tasty dessert treat. I couldn’t wait to try it from the looks of the picture. The ingredient list seemed pretty okay compared to other ice cream ingredients. New

Klondike Sandwiches

Behold the yummyness of this ice cream sandwich!

I grew up eating the original Klondike Ice Cream which is that vanilla square that’s coated with a thin layer of chocolate where after the first bite, it felt as though the whole ice cream would fall and break.

What makes these particular Klondike Sandwiches awesome is that it’s made of Mrs Field’s cookie which sandwiches a yummy vanilla center. Based on the picture, I was expecting the sandwiches to be much bigger but it wasn’t. When you take your first bite into the ice cream, you will notice how soft the cookies are and the vanilla center is quite creamy.

How many calories are in Klondike Sandwiches? There is 220 calories for one ice cream cookie.

Klondike Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich

Klondike Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich Nutrition Facts

Have you tried these ice cream cookie sandwiches yet? I hope I get to see more of their ice cream selections at the market. I’ll be keeping my eyes out for more reviews!

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