The fiancé and I were hungry after our drive to Solvang CA, so on our way home we decided for some Kabuki’s. I saw one in Solvang so I had a sudden craving for it. We went to the one located in Huntington Beach though.
We were early for the typical dinner hours so we got seated right away. Our waitress was super nice and cool and was able to suggest their new R&D TEST KITCHEN FAVORITES 2015.

New Menu: Mini Tostada Trio

Kabuki’s New Menu: Mini Tostada Trio Jidori Chicken, grilled shrimp and BBQ beef ribs over lightly fried wonton skins

On the Kabuki’s New menu, we just had to get the Jidori Chicken, grilled shrimp and BBQ beef ribs over lightly fried wonton skins. I mean, the picture on the menu and the description just made my mouth water and I have a thing for tostadas. This isn’t your typical Mexican tostada with corn tortilla but this is fried wonton skins. I really loved it all, but my ultimate favorite was the BBQ beef ribs because it was like eating Korean BBQ.

Kabuki's Brussels Sprouts

Kabuki’s Brussels Sprouts

The fiance and I decided to also order the Brussels Sprouts. Who can say no to it. It seems like every time we see Brussels Sprouts on the menu of any restaurant, we just have to get it. It always ends up being delish. The one at Kabuki’s was good, but we could have totally made this at home for much cheap and with a lot more tang.

Kabuki's Miso Soup

Kabuki’s Miso Soup

My plate comes with the miso soup. I always enjoy having a bit of soup before the main course.

Kabuki's Tofu Steak Plate

Kabuki’s Tofu Steak Plate

I liked the Kabuki’s Tofu Steak Plate so much the last time, I decided to order this again. The plate is served with two pan-fried tofu “steak” rounds with teriyaki sauce, seared with spring mix, shitake mushrooms. two cute rice balls, and asparagus.

Kabuki's Koshou Chicken (beef)

Kabuki’s Koshou Chicken (beef)

The fiance had the Kabuki’s Koshou Chicken (beef) which I think is new? I don’t remember ever seeing this on their menu. It’s prepared with chicken (beef) on a bed of pilaf rice, and served with asparagus and shitake mushroom.

Have you guys tried Kabuki’s New Menu items yet?

Kabuki Restaurant is located in Arizona, California, and Nevada so check where there’s one close to you!

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