Daphne’s California Greek (New Name) is located at 1330 Bison Ave, Ste L Newport Beach, CA 92660. I didn’t notice at first, but they changed their name apparently in 2011!

Daphne's California Greek Logo

Daphne’s California Greek Logo

I do notice a bunch of new furniture, the logo’s different, the interior and the whole feel is much different. They also have a lot of new items on their menu like their new flat bread pizza. I was so tempted to get the margherita flat bread pizza.

I used to get the Street Chicken Pita Sandwich all the time, but ever since I tried the Grilled Salmon Plate, that’s all I’ve been wanting to get.

This time, I ordered the salmon plate with the whole wheat pita bread. I don’t think this dish can’t get any healthier than this. The food still tasted great with the new look and name change, but the only problem I had was that the salmon got smaller. The steak was so tiny so that was disappointing ­čÖü


Salmon. Photo: Foodwanderer

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