Costco  Mediterranean Focaccias

Costco Mediterranean Focaccias

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Rustic Olive Focaccias

Rustic Olive Focaccias

So who doesn’t love Costco right? I especially love going there because of all their samples which is the right way to do business. When you first see a new food item, don’t you just want to try it and see how it tastes before you buy? The last time I went samples were being given out for the Costco Mediterranean Focaccias.

Costco  Medterranean Focaccias

Spinach & Cheese, Rustic Olive, Garlic Cheese Focaccias

Costco Mediterranean Focaccias is perfect to have as an appetizer with a glass of red wine. The server toasted these on a flat surface and lightly brushed olive oil on it for that extra crunch. It instantly grabbed my attention as these flavors were just outstanding. He suggested that red wines go well with the Rustic Olive and funny thing was that we already had a glass of red wine in our basket.

The Garlic Cheese was oh so delicious. I’m a huge fan of garlic and cheese and when those 2 are combined, nothing beats it. The Spinach & Cheese was also flavorful and delicious.

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