When it comes to getting a giant cake at the last-minute, Costco is here to save the day. You’ll know that Costco Cakes will always be a life saver especially when someone asks you to bring cake for a big group or for a party. Here are some cakes that really stood out from my visit to Costco few days ago  🙂

Costco Tres Leches Cake

Costco Caramel Tres Leches Cake

When I first tried a Tres Leches cake (Three Milks Bread) years ago, I was hooked. It’s a sponge cake (or with butter cake) that’s soaked with condensed milk, evaporated milk and heavy cream which explains why it’s called three milks bread cake. It almost reminds me of a pudding cake, but with a spongy texture to it. You would expect the cake would be soggy with all the liquid ingredients, but you’ll be surprised that it’s not. If you love rich cakes, you gotta try the Costco Tres Leches Cake which has a layers of sponge cake,the three milks, caramel on top to give that glossy finish to it with dark chocolate pieces to top it off.

Costco Cheesecake and Costco Red Velvet Cake

Costco Cheesecake and Costco Red Velvet Cake

It was only last year that I found out that Red Velvet Cheesecake is actually Chocolate cake that’s colored with red dye. I only knew that because our friend “T” said so. How could a chocolate lover as myself not know that!? I love chocolate, but “G” hate it and it’s funny how he actually likes it. I think no one can resist the flavorful cream cheese frosting to the point that you can’t really cake what the cake is. Plus the fact that the cake is red gives the illusion that it’s not even chocolate cake. So anyways, Costco have a big Red Velvet Cake you should definitely check out. It is a giant cake that’s covered with cream cheese frosting and decorated with red velvet cake crumbs.

Costco Red Velvet Cupcakes

Costco Red Velvet Cupcakes

If you don’t want the giant Costco Red Velvet Cake, they made it into small cute cupcake sizes too. These Costco Red Velvet Cupcake is perfect to enjoy and not feel too guilty compared to a giant cake slice you might be having. Just make sure you don’t have more than one of these.

Costco All American Chocolate Cake

Costco All American Chocolate Cake

Here’s the famous Costco All-American Chocolate cake. It’s so famous that there was never a time where I didn’t see it at a Costco. Who doesn’t love chocolate so of course they would always carry this cake for your convenience. Even one bite out of this cake is full of chocolatey goodness.
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