The fiance and I decided to drive on over to Solvang, a cute Danish town he introduced me to two years ago. Once I saw it, I feel in love with it. I grew up with games such as Final Fantasy 7, 8 and Star Ocean 2 so to me, Solvang was one of those video game kind of town. The buildings is of European structure and there are lots of windmills and little things you should keep your eyes peels for such as pelicans and bird houses.

Solvang Restaurant Menu

Solvang Restaurant Menu

After the long ride here, we decided to have Breakfast in Solvang. This is our second time here. Last time we were here was about two years ago. Check out the post Solvang Restaurant: Home Of Famous Aebleskiver.

Solvang Restaurant Menu

Solvang Restaurant Menu

The menu is still the same.

Buttered toast, hashbrowns, eggs, and sausage

Breakfast in Solvang with buttered toast, hashbrowns, eggs, and sausage

The fiancé ordered the sausage, eggs, hashbrown, and buttered toast.

Waffles and butter

Breakfast in Solvang waffles and butter

I really wanted the thin pancakes, but then I was really craving waffles. I’m glad I got the waffles since they were light and not too dense. It was unfortunate that the syrup doesn’t come in a jar, just in a case.  ūüėź

Bacon & eggs

Solvang Restaurant Bacon & eggs

Here is my one scrambled egg and three bacon pieces.

Solvang Restaurant Mug

Solvang Restaurant Mug

I already had coffee before we got on the road, but since it was cold out, I just had to order more!

The food was okay but I was happy we were finally able to sit down and get something to eat.

Linn's Dessert Sauce

Linn’s Dessert Sauce

There are cool things at the Solvang restaurant such as dessert syrups, candy, ebelskiver pans, cookbooks, and more!

Solvang Restaurant is located at 1672 Copenhagen Dr Solvang, CA 93463.

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