Remember when the froyo hype all bagan with Yogurtland  here in SoCal, perhaps around 2009-2010? I sure do. There were other frozen yogurt brands in existence but SoCal really only saw Yogurtland. It was a miracle to find a Yogurtland in Little Tokyo or anywhere else. Shortly, after a few years, a new Yogurtland opened in Artesia and then at the Cerritos mall. My mom and I would go to the one at the mall since it was so convenient and my friends and I would go to the one in Artesia after dinner or before karaoke. No longer was it a shock to see one at almost every corner in popular shopping centers. There’s even one at the UC Irvine Student Center which has a bunch of other shops and great restaurants.

The whole idea of self-serve froyo  and then topping your own topping made it a fun experience and made you feel like you can create your own froyo masterpiece!  This place all started in California and only uses pure milk without the added hormones and antibiotics.

Pink berry is a similar frozen yogurt joint but is not self-serve. I’ve been to one before and it was just so upsetting. Hmph. So Yogurtland was the choice for me. The flavors are always changing during the season and also depending on the location. If you’re unsure of which flavor you want to try, then ask for a tasting cup and the staff will be more than glad to give you one.
Check this out, there are so many flavors at Yogurtland you need to try such as Lava Flow, Mudslide, Dark Chocolate Sorbet, Caramel Macchiato, Armeretto Cookie, Almond Midnight Mocha, and Blueberry Tart.
Yogurtland Pomegranite & postachio topped with cheesecake bits, Recess's and cookie dough.

Yogurtland Pomegranite & ppistachiotopped with cheesecake bits, Recess’s and cookie dough.

We haven’t been here in a while so we decided to go after eating dinner. There was a new flavor like Pumpkin, Pink Lemonade, and Milk Shake. They were all delicious. I also got some birthday cake, Dutch Chocolate. “G” got pistachio and Pomegranite which was tarty.

Yogurtland pumpkin pie, green tea, birthday cakes, chocolate milkshake,  and Dutch chocolate topped with rolled wafer, Oreo bits, brownie, and Reese's.

Yogurtland pumpkin pie, green tea, birthday cakes, chocolate milkshake, and Dutch chocolate topped with rolled wafer, Oreo bits, brownie, and Reese’s.

I think my favorite flavor was the birthday cake. The only time I’ve ever tried a birthday cake flavor was at the Thrifty ice cream at a Rite Aid. The name and the sprinkles grabbed my attention and after taking the first taste, I was hooked! It really taste like a birthday cake. I would definitely prefer a birthday cake ice cream over a typical sugary birthday cake. I do wish Yogurtland could make the Birthday Cake flavor more colorful, but it is yogurt so I’m sure the color would eventually just mix together and turn into a not so pleasing color.Of all the froyo places I’ve been to so far, I think Yogurtland has the best flavors and froyo experience.

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