Wholeganic Greens

Wholeganic Greens

Hey friends! Happy Wednesday! Only a few more days until I go on my road trip to The Grand Teton, Yellowstone, and Zion National Park! I’m so excited to be out with mother nature and smell the fresh air away from the city

I wanted to share a healthy powder mix that I’m planning to take for the trip. I’ve never been to TJ Max until recently since my friend said you can find a lot of good stuff there. I was surprised at the quality products they had. I didn’t care much for the clothing but their food selection were pretty awesome. There were a lot of stuff similar to what they have at the World Market and were a bit cheaper since the packaging were a bit damaged. But as long as the product is good on the inside, the package doesn’t matter.


What’s great about this powder mix is that there’s no artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors, soy lecithin or other fillers, GMO ingredients, filler fruit extracts, soy, gluten, or dairy.

There were lots of healthy snacks and food items at TJ Max and I happened to look thoroughly and found the Wholeganic Greens mix. I’ve been needing to get a supplemental drink mix and this seemed to be the one. It was ONLY $14.99 at TJ Max!! I got so lucky considering Amazon sells it for $28.29 or the Wholeganic site for $41.99…

I feel this has been working for me since there’s good source of probiotic and it’s so easy to mix!

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