Vegas 2011- Pirate's Ship

Vegas 2011- Pirate’s Ship

Vegas 2011! I couldn’t believe I was going to Vegas after all these years! The last time I’ve been to Vegas was back in high school when we would take a trip there for competitions with other schools. It was quite an experience for me as I have never been to another state. First time I went to Vegas, the class and I went to the M & M shop and I was so excited to see all the cool candy products. For dinner we went to Hard Rock Cafe and it was pretty awesome that they were playing familiar songs like Linkin Park. That was one of my most favorite bands in high school. Then there were unfamiliar songs being played such as “I Love Rock N Roll” by Joan Jett & the Blackhearts. This was really when I was introduced to 80s rock music.

Vegas 2011

Vegas 2011

It was crazy hot when we got here that even the AC in the hotel wasn’t good enough.Once step out the door was an instant heat on your face. As you’re walking on the Strip, the heat just radiates from the ground. It was fun going back to Vegas as an adult because we didn’t need a chaperone. We walked all over the Strip and that was like a real tour for me. This was really the first time I got to really experience the hotels in Vegas, the stores, and the restaurants. We discovered The Mandalay Bay has an awesome Aquarium so we decided to check it out.

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