Hi friends! So I’m obsessed with Tokidoki Donutella! She’s a cute little character with pink hair and dressed up in a donut ear costume! Not only is she cute, but also her other adorable buddies like Caramella, Dolce, Donutina, Donutino, Biscottino, and more.

Tokidoki Donutella

Tokidoki Donutella and her sweet friends

Here’s Donutella blind boxes from the candy store! I just love all the cute colorful sprinkles on the box with Donutella and her friends.

Each Donutella blind box contains one character sealed in a silver foil bag and is approximately 2.75″ tall! You be in for a real surprise because you won’t know who you’ll get! 

This Donutella plush will have everyone talking! She’s so cute with the donut ears, one is pink frosting while the other is chocolate frosting.

Do you want your own Donutella Donut ears? Then check this donut headband! It’s super cute to wear to the mall or anywhere you go!

OMG, just look at this super kawaii Tokidoki Donutella Plush Backpack! It’s 10 x 10 x 3 inches and makes it a perfect backpack when you’re on the go.

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