The Original Del Taco is located at 401 N 1st Ave Barstow, CA 92311 and it is right off Interstate 15 in Barstow

What makes this Del Taco special other than that it’s the original Del Taco? Well it is THE Original Del Taco that my boyfriend told me about! He first told me about this particular Del taco and said that he can taste the difference and the quality of the food. I thought how could a regular fast food place be that great so I had to try it for myself when my bf and I drove by Barstow.

I ordered their regular taco and the chicken soft taco and just by looking at the wrap I can tell these would be huge!  The chicken soft taco and the regular hard shelled taco was stuffed with a ton of cheese, lettuce, & tomatoes and doesn’t compare to the ones from your typical Del Tacos. I had to agree that there was a big different in the quality and taste of the food here and the original Del Taco stayed true to their recipe and size!

Have you been here before or heard about it?


Chicken soft taco and regular taco weren't just ordinary tacos! They were packed with so much cheese, lettuce, & tomatoes

Chicken soft taco and regular taco weren’t just ordinary tacos! They were packed with so much cheese, lettuce, & tomatoes…nom nom nom!

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