The Hug Hydration Band

The Hug Hydration Band. Photo: The Hug

We all hear how beneficial water is to our health and overall well-being but drinking enough water can be difficult for some. Water is essential to life such as better health, skin, healthy weight, mental wellness, physical performance and balance. We’re distracted from everyday life that we forget to listen to what our body needs and tells us.  I’ll admit it, it’s challenging for me to remind myself to drink until it’s too late and I’m really thirsty. Did you know that you need to drink before you even feel thirsty?

So how can you make sure you get enough water on a daily basis? Well I just happened to stumble upon this cool device called The Hug Hydration Band which is a sensor band that sensors your water bottle and connects to an iOS device. This innovative sensor band hugs your bottle by using motion and data algorithms to track just how much water you’re drinking and reminds you that you need to drink water. Who needs a water coach when you have this device to remind you.

It’s easy to use, tracks you daily water intakes, and is perfect who finds drinking water quite difficult. Once you begin rehydrating your body you will instantly notice a new you, a healthier you, and a happier you.

Hydrate with The Hug Hydration is a new innovative technology that helps you track your water intake through an app. I’m very excited to share this cool product with you all as it’s not even in the market yet!

So get a Hug from The Hug product. This product is can only be made if funded  at least $34,000 is pledged by .

Make your pledge today. You can pledge $5, $15, $59, $69, $128, or $310.


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