The Fry Girl Inc Donuts is a catering truck and it’s pink which serves delicious cute donuts straight out of the fryer as you watch. They’re mini enough for you to enjoy it and not feel guilty about it because one donut is only 26 calories with just 1 gram of fat and 3.5 grams of carbs! This is the place to get the most fresh donuts because it’s made to order from their Mini Donut Station.

The Fry Girl Inc Donuts

The Fry Girl Inc Donuts

The staff was nice while setting up their Mini Donut Station. It’s really neat as there’s a rectangular machine filled with hot oil where they drop the fresh donut batter as it fries . Once fried on one side for a few seconds, they use a wooden pick to flip it over to fry on the other side. Once the mini cute donuts make their way down towards the end of the line, the Fry Girl’s staff will get a white pastry bag and fill it with a good amount of the mini donuts. While it’s still hot, you choose your lightly sprinkled topping such as cinnamon sugar, raspberry, powdered sugar, vanilla, Oreo Cookie Crumbs, Lemon, Ginger Snap, Pumpkin Spice, Vermont Maple Sugar, and chocolate.
They not only have donuts but also other yummies such as They have Apple fries, Mini Churros, Mini Funnel Cakes, Fried Oreos, Gourmet French Fries, and Mini Corn Dogs.
I love my donut plain so I asked for it plain. Boring you say? I think not because you can taste the donut and it’s so tasty even without the toppings. The batter itseld has the right amount of sweetness which is satisfying with coffee.
The Fry Girl is based in Hawthorne, CA, they cater throughout LA County and Orange County.

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    I never heard about this. I will have to try it out.