Tim Tams are made from an Australian company called Arnott’s Australia. It is composed of two biscuits, with a creamy chocolate filling in the middle and then covered in milk chocolate.

Foodwanderer- Tim Tams Original

Foodwanderer- Tim Tams Original

I have never heard of Tim Tams before until a friend of mine had brought some in since she went to Australia for vacation. At first, I thought it was a chocolate bar and even after I unwrapped it, it looked like a fun-size chocolate bar. I went for the first bite and it made my taste buds go wild! The chocolate biscuit along with the creamy center and the chocolate covered biscuit all worked in harmony. Everything was just so amazing and I was surprised I never even heard of this amazing product! This was probably better than the Ferrero Rocher® and I love that product especially because of the Nutella center.

Foodwanderer- Tim Tams Original Cross-section

Foodwanderer- Tim Tams Original Cross-section

The creamy chocolate center reminded me of Nutella, except it wasn’t as dark colored and it didn’t have that strong hazelnut taste. BUT, to my knowledge, there is a Hazelnut Tim Tams that I am just waiting to try. They also come in other flavors like White Chocolate (OMG), Dark Chocolate (OMG as well!), Double Coat, Turkish Delight, Dark Mint Chocolate, Honeycomb, and Chewy Caramel just to name a few.

How Did Tim Tams Get It’s Name?

It was actually named after a horse that won the Kentucy Derby in 1958! Thought you guys should know 🙂

I just hope I can try some of the different flavors someday and perhaps it will be distributed to the states. Have you tried some and if so, which ones are your favorites?

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