Stone Brewery Gargoyles

Stone Brewery Gargoyles

Stone Brewery is a hip brewery/ restaurant that’s popular among everyone. Before you walk into the restaurant, you walk down the hall of beautiful green leaves that looks like fairy tale walkway. The brewery even has their own souvenir store.

Brewery Garden

Stone Brewery Garden

The restaurant has a ton of seating indoor and outdoor. You just have to take a seat outside because it’s just so lovely. There is even a garden that is popular with weddings. The grass may not be real but it’s still so wonderful.


Stone Brewery Menu

The menu is really big so it was hard trying not to knock things over.


Stone Brewery Beer

As we were deciding on what to order for dinner, we ordered some drinks. The boys ordered beer.


Stone Brewery Wine

I wanted to be classy and ordered wine. Just kidding, I just ordered it because I wanted wine 🙂 I like how the wine was served. A little bit at a time. Once the glass was almost empty, the waitress came around to pour the remainder into the glass.

Pulled Chicken & Wild Boar Sandwich 15

Stone Brewery Pulled Chicken & Wild Boar Sandwich 15

My fiance and I ordered the same thing. We ordered the Pulled Chicken & Wild Boar Sandwich that comes with a side of seasoned chips. I was so happy that my parents were here with us. It was a family gathering!

Pan Roasted Salmon 24

Stone Brewery Pan Fried Tilapia 18

My mom loves seafood so I ordered her the Pan Fried Tilapia plate that comes  with a side of roasted asparagus and quinoa. It was a tiny plate and was not worth the price of $18.

Peruvian-Style Chicken  22

Stone Brewery Peruvian-Style Chicken 22

My dad loves chicken and spice so I thought the Peruvian-Style Chicken was just right. It’s made of Jidori half chicken, marinated in Peruvian Spices with a side of aji-amarillo potatoes and wilted kale, and garnished with jalapeno crema.  He really enjoyed the meal so I was happy about that.

 Mac' N Beer Cheese w/ Broccoli or Sausage

Stone Brewery Mac’ N Beer Cheese w/ Broccoli or Sausage

“G” ordered a side of Mac’ N Beer Cheese w/ Broccoli which was probably the best mac’ n beer ever! So cheesy and delicious.

Stone Dessert Menu

Stone Dessert Menu

I was stuffed from dinner but hey, we all gotta make room for dessert.

Jalapeno blue cheese cheesecake

Stone Brewery Jalapeno blue cheese cheesecake

For dessert, we just had to try the Jalapeno blue cheese cheesecake. It wasn’t overly sweet and you could taste the jalapeno. The blueberry compote was just delicious and all the flavors just went together so well. This is a must if you love blue cheese and cheesecake!

Stone Bistro and Brewey is located at 1999 Citracado Parkway Escondido, CA 92029.

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