Hey friends, happy November and happy MACovember at STACKED! As the temperatures drop, what better way to deal with the cold than to indulge in one of America’s favorite comfort food, Mac ‘n’ Cheese! And nobody does Mac ‘N’ Cheese better than STACKED: Food Well Built.

I’m so excited to share with you guys the STACKED MACovember challenge where you go to your local STACKED locations and make your own signature Mac ‘n’ Cheese dish and share it on my social media and tag #STACKEDMac & #foodwanderer.

MACovember at STACKED

MACovember at STACKED

Make your unique, indulgent, or exotic Mac ‘N’ Cheese, snap a picture, and then share it on my social media sites below. Once you do, you have a chance to win a $50 gift card! The judging will be based on how much you share on my social media sites below by hashtagging #STACKEDMac & #foodwanderer as well as how unique your dish is. You can message me here or at [email protected] with your social media username so I keep track of the entries.

Below are my social media links:

Instagram: _Foodwanderer_ : Post your creation on Instagram and hash tag #STACKEDMac & #foodwanderer
Google +: Food Wanderer : Post your creation on Google + and hash tag #STACKEDMac & #foodwanderer
Twitter: Food Wanderer: Post your creation and hash tag #STACKEDMac & #foodwanderer
Facebook: Foodwanderer : Post your creation on my Facebook post regarding this challenge and hash tag #STACKEDMac & #foodwanderer

STACKED Socially

STACKED Socially

MACovember at STACKED

MACovember at STACKED

I’ll be heading to STACKED myself and make my own signature dish as well! I’m so excited to see what kind of ingredients I can add to my Mac ‘N’ Cheese. All I know right now is that I’ll be adding a lot of cheese, that’s for sure. I’ll be sure to share my creation with you guys. Remember friends, have fun and don’t forget to share your awesome creation!


STACKED Locations:


Thousand Oaks


San Diego

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  • Moonangelz5

    I love mac n cheese! How will you know who is who when they post on your social media?

    • Yes me too, I enjoy Mac ‘n’ cheese.

      Great question! Once you share your Mac ‘N’ Cheese creations on the social media sites, you can message me here or email me at [email protected] with your social media username, and that is how I will be able to keep track.