Soju Belly is a bar tucked away in Garden Grove that’s popular among people that love to hangout with their friends with laughter, food, and drinks.

The ambiance is dark with loud K-Pop to American hit songs with big TV around the walls. There are graffiti on the walls where people write down their names or just doodle.

Lychee soju served in coconut

Soju Belly Coconut Lychee Soju

The popular drinks are the Korean soju and also the Korean beer. People like to add a shot glass of soju into a cup of beer and drink it together.

Coconut alcohol

Soju Belly Soju Lychee in coconut

There’s even fruity alcoholic drinks such as Lychee Soju served in a fresh Coconut, Watermelon Soju and finally the Pineapple Soju. A friend of mine suggests the Lychee Soju coconut as the others weren’t so great.

Korean pancakes

Soju Belly Korean Vegetable and Seafood Pancake

For some Korean bites to share, you gotta try the Spicy Chicken as well as the Korean Seafood Pancake. One bite and I get the nostalgic feeling of eating lots of Korean food growing up.

Spicy Chicken dish

Spicy Korean Chicken Hot Plate

Be careful with the Spicy Chicken because there’s a good kick to it. You probably don’t want to eat it all, instead, share it.

Complements of Soju Belly are popcorn, but they’re a bit stale. Perhaps they didn’t make a new batch for that day? Sugared Fried Chips can also be complementary but that was a few years back.

Soju Belly is located at 13041 Kerry St Garden Grove, CA 92843.

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