Hi friends! I love sharing yummy treats from Costco and today I got to try the delicious Snappers Dark Chocolate Sea Salt! The sale will run from 5/6-5/29 at Costco so be sure you’re there to grab a bag or few!

Costco pretzel snack

Snappers Dark Chocolate Sea Salt

If you like dark chocolate, something salty and sweet, then the Dark Chocolate Sea Salt is for you. I love anything dark chocolate and caramel so I was excited to try this treat.

Snappers Costco

Snappers calories

How many calories are in Snappers? There are about 160 calories in 3 pieces. It’s hard to just have one because they’re so delectable and you’ll be hooked. “G” doesn’t like dark chocolate, but he tried one, and then a few! He actually enjoyed it.  🙂 It’s hard to convince him to like anything chocolate, but this did the job.

Caramel Pretzel

Crunchy salty sweet caramel pretzel treat

Here is a beautiful closeup of the mini-waffle pretzels held together by a dollop of chewy caramel, drizzled in dark chocolate and sprinkled with sea salt. Each bite is so heavenly from the decadent dark chocolate, the soft creamy caramel, and the sea salt. I love the crunch from the pretzel, the bold dark chocolate flavor, the saltiness from the sea salt and the chewiness from the caramel. It makes my mouth water just thinking about how yummy it is.

Chocolate covered pretzel

Chocolate caramel covered pretzel

Snappers are the perfect treat to pour into a bowl for when friends and family are over, for a get together, take to work to snack on, or for some movie time snack. You’ll be surprised and proud at how delicious it is and the fact that it’s made in the USA.

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