If you ever go to Jackson Hole and are looking for a brewery, check out Snake River Brewing. It was named one or Travel Channel’s Mannliest Restaurant back in 2012!
Check out my last visit in 2013

Snake River Brewing

Snake River Brewing menu

The first time we were here was during lunch and during happy hour so we got a great lunch deal along with some beers to drink. We even got a free tour last minute so we got really lucky. That’s when I discovered my love for sour beer. It’s tangy and delicious. I highly suggest sour beer, though it might be a little bit strange in the beginning. I acquired the taste pretty quickly.

Happy tummy tea: chamomile

Happy tummy tea: chamomile

This year, we arrived for a late dinner so unfortunately there was no beer tour and the setting was more of a college night or something. Though I’m not sure if there’s a college nearby. Perhaps it was just lots of students just enjoying good food, music, and drinks. I was debating whether or not to order wine or beer, but when I saw the “Happy Tummy Tea“, I just had to try it. I got a tea pot with loose chamomile leaves and some honey packets. I never realized honey and tea works so well together.

Beer flights

Snake River Brewing Beer flights

The guys ordered beer of course, and my friend “K” ordered the Beer flight which comes with 8 different types!

Jalapeno burger and fries

Snake River Brewing: Jalapeno burger and fries

I was so glad “J” could join us this year for the trip. I’ve been wanting him to go and discover the wonders of Jackson Hole. He ordered the Jalapeno burger. Doesn’t it look dangerous with all the jalapeno slices?

The Roper Stacked high: house smoked brisket, bacon, caramelized onions, white cheddar & horseradish mayo on a freshly made bun

Snake River Brewing: The Roper

The fiancé ordered the The Roper which is stacked high: house smoked brisket, bacon, caramelized onions, white cheddar & horseradish mayo on a freshly made bun. I tried the smoked brisket and it is OH Mazing.

SRB Cobb

Snake Brewing SRB Cobb

I ordered the Snake River Brewing Cobb salad since I had to have some greens while traveling. Even though we hike a lot and need those extra fatty foods, I felt the need to have some greens. This salad was simply satisfying and had a lot of bacon! So I guess its pretty fatty actually.

Snake River Brewing CO Jackson Hole, Wyoming is located at 265 S Millward St  Jackson, WY 83001.

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