Seating and artwork

SkinnyFATS Vegas Seating and artwork

Want to eat like a fatty but be skinny at the same time? Well, you can choose to eat “Happy” or “Healthy” at SkinnyFats. It’s a juice bar as well as a modern American joint and you can choose to either eat healthy of indulge, or do both.

SkinnyFats Menu

SkinnyFATS Vegas Menu

I stumbled upon this place after I was searching for healthy places to eat. It was rainy when we arrived in Las Vegas and we were waiting in the parking lot for about half an hour since they open at 9am. I was hoping this would be a joint where the waiter/waitress takes your order but it’s not.

Skinny Fats Breakfast Menu

SkinnyFATS Vegas Breakfast Menu

There are paper menu and a big menu board at the cashier where you order. I dislike ordering up front because I feel so pressured! I like to take my time, but I felt somewhat rushed because I don’t want to hold up the line. Do you guys feel the same?

SkinnyFATS Side Dish

SkinnyFATS Paper Menu

The breakfast menu is simple. There’s the Healthy Side which shows the calories and the Happy Side which you don’t see the calories. If you want to be happy, then calories don’t count right? They offer a wide choice of other items during lunch hours.
Berry strong waffles

SkinnyFATS Berry Strong Waffles 8.95

I ordered the Berry Strong – Multigrain protein waffle, served with strawberries, mint yogurt & turkey bacon with yogurt drizzle to give the illusion of sugar frosting topped with strawberries. I was disappointed of my one dirty strawberry, but I ate around it. Can you guys spot it? I believe my syrup was agave syrup. The protein waffles tasted like rye bread? I enjoyed it but I prefer buttermilk waffles.
Skinnyfats chicken and waffles

SkinnyFATS Chickawaffadopolis

“G” ordered the Chickawaffadopolis – Fried chicken tenders over a buttermilk waffle w/syrup & powdered sugar. We tried the chicken and waffle from Hash House A Go Go and we agreed that the one here was way more flavorful and delicious. I loved the salty and sweet flavor of the chicken and waffle. I think this used to be a hidden menu item? It seemed like it when I read some reviews online.


SkinnyFATS Chickawaffadopolis

I had to post another closeup picture of this beautiful creation. Isn’t it lovely?

Jalapenos Ketchup

SkinnyFATS Jalachup Jalapenos Ketchup

We even dipped the chicken in SkinnyFats own Jalachup Jalapeno Ketchup. I wish I can find some at the store, it was the best tasting ketchup ever! The salt and pepper dude is cute.

Skinnyfats green mile drink

Skinny Fats Vegas Green Mile Drink served in reusable cup

We ordered the Green Mile Drink which is served in a reusable Plastic Cup. The juice it amazingly sweet and surprisingly only has 180+ calories? Seems too good to be true.
Reusable cup

SkinnyFATS happy meter cup

Isn’t this happy meter cup super cute? We were first O-VER JOYED and then we suddenly went down to AHHHHHHH!

Carrot Wall art

SkinnyFATS Carrot Wall Art

I enjoyed looking at the veggie artwork around here. Wish I took more!

SkinnyFATS is located at:

6261 Dean Martin Dr
Las Vegas, NV 89118

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