Silicone Rice Cooker 5
Do you love rice but dislike having to make rice and wait for it to cook in the rice cooker? Well you’re just in luck because a brand called Lekue has made making rice simple.

Different rice variety

Different rice variety

Lekue Silicone Rice Cooker is perfect for the rice lover or anyone who just don’t have time to cook. People live day to day using the microwave and even though I suggest you don’t sometimes you just have to use it.

Silicone Rice Cooker

With this Silicone Rice Cooker, you can cook rice in the microwave to perfection. With it’s clean, simple, and practical design there’s no need to boil the water and clean. The lid doubles as a colander so you can wash, cook, drain and serve all in one place and the water doesn’t overflow leaving the microwave messy.

Silicone Rice Cooker

Silicone Rice Cooker Product

With it’s attractive design, you can simply take it from the kitchen straight to the dining table. The Silicone Rice Cooker is not limited to just rice as it’s great to cook wheat, couscous, oats, and barley. The time saving cooker make portions for 1-6 people and is heat resistant to 428ºF.

It is dishwasher safe and made of plastic and 100% platinum silicone.

Where can you get the Lekue Silicone Microwave Rice Cooker?

You can buy it on or a site called Chefs: The Best Kitchen Starts Here.

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