Hi friends! Sorry I haven’t been blogging lately, but here I am! Yesterday, “G” and I went to Sanukiseimen Mugimaru Costa Mesa CA after we went shopping at the South Coast Plaza. After all the walking, we were craving some Japanese udon. I think the last time we ate here was 2 years ago? I think it was time to treat ourselves to some udon.

The line for this place kept growing! Other days aren’t too crazy, but of course, on the day we wanted it, the line was long. I ready had my eyes on the Beef Udon until we noticed their new item posted where the staff gets your amazing udon bowl ready.

Sanukiseimen Mugimaru Spicy Curry Udon

Sanukiseimen Mugimaru Costa Mesa CA Tepura Sweet Potato and Spicy Curry Udon

Grr, I forget the actual name of the udon dish, but it’s some kind of Spicy Beef Curry Udon. The staff was nice and asked if we wanted to try the soup base. She wanted us to try it since some people can’t handle the spice. “The spice is similar to that of Tom Yum soup”, she said. We took a sip and was amazed at how flavorful the broth was! Perfectly spicy and flavorful. “G” and I are both spice lovers so we’re not complaining.

Crispy Tepura Sweet Potato

Sanukiseimen Mugimaru Costa Mesa CA Tepura Sweet Potato

There was a sale for the Tempura Sweet Potato! Four for about $2! It was such a deal, I grabbed four of them and placed on my plate. The whole meal for two was such a deal, so if you want yummy food that’s super cheap, then try out this place.

Spicy beef udon, green onions, and fried topping

Sanukiseimen Mugimaru Costa Mesa CA- Spicy Beef udon and all the toppings

Here is “G”‘s udon bowl with lots of green onion and the panko crumbs topped on the udon! We called it the Mountain High Udon Bowl!

Sanukiseimen Mugimaru is located at 665 Paularino Ave Costa Mesa, CA 92626.

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