Saffron Grill is a Mediterranean/Persian joint located in Huntington Beach which isn’t too far from the Bella Terra and the The Outlets at Orange shopping center. This place can easily be missed while driving past the many stores, restaurants. and car dealerships. Once you arrive, you’ll notice that this place got some recognition as there can Awards for Excellence on the entrance windows and also the “People Love Us On Yelp” sticker. But it was time for “G” and I to decide for ourselves and see what they’ve got to offer!

 Authentic Persian And Mediterranean Cuisine

Saffron Grill Menu Authentic Persian And Mediterranean Cuisine

After a long tiring drive back home from Malibu, we were ready for our late lunch/early dinner so luckily there wasn’t much people when we got here.

Saffron Grill Interior

There’s no one here so you can clearly see we came here at the right time. I enjoyed looking around the restaurant and checking out the pictures as its all around the place as well as the big jars of pickled garlic. YUM! It’s too bad I forgot to take pictures of it…


Saffron Grill Menu

The hostess helped us right away and gave us this cool textured menu which was like cloth! I was so amused by it hehe. There’s a lot to choose from their menu such as appetizers, wraps, soups and salads, stews, and their main dishes. I didn’t know what to choose!

Parmesan cheese, herbs and spices oil dip with sesame flat bread and pita bread

saffron Grill Parmesan cheese, herbs and spices oil dip with sesame flat bread and pita bread

The server served us some delicious sesame flat bread, pita bread, and this Olive Oil Parmesan dip that was a bit spicy with pieces of Parmesan pieces. What I love about Mediterranean food is the flat bread as well as the dipping sauce! It’s always different and unique in their own ways such as the one from Istanbul Grill California.

Falafel, salad, rice, and Dolma

Saffron Grill Falafel, salad, rice, and Dolma

 After pondering about what I craved the most while enjoying the delicious flat bread, I realized I really wanted Falafel as I was reminded of the food truck called the Falasophy. I just love that crunchy exterior of the deep-fried chickpeas patty.
 The Falafel plate is served with the tzatziki sauce which is refreshing and a bit sour, mixed greens with this awesome green dressing, Saffron butter rice, and the dolma which is grape leaf stuffed with veggies. The falafel were crispy just the way I like it and it tastes even better when you dunk it into the tzatziki sauce.  I’ve been wanting to try the dolma for the longest because I see it in pictures all the time and let me tell you, it’s delicious!
Beef Koobideh, roasted tomato, salad, Saffron rice

Beef Koobideh, roasted tomato, salad, Saffron rice

 The fiancé ordered the Beef Koobideh which is served with the salad,roasted tomato and jalapeno, and Saffron rice.
We loved the food and the service that they’ll be seeing us again soon!
Saffron Grill  is located at 17441 Beach Blvd Huntington Beach, CA.

Saffron Grill Map

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  • Moonangelz5

    I love falafel! I want to try making my own and also the tzatziki sauce.

    • That’s my goal, to make the tzatziki sauce!

  • Furqan

    I lover Persian Grilled food since I have visited Shiraz Persian Cuisine.

    • Cool, thanks for sharing! I’ll check that out.