Rice Cube

Rice Cube

 Rice Cube is an innovative way to mold rice and other food items into cool sized cubes. I wanted to learn more about it so I checked out their site. I was amazed to see how much variety of recipes there are and how fun it looks. The Rice Cube is perfect for  entrees, platters, mains and desserts.Not only is it limited to those but it’s perfect for making sushi. There’s no need for sushi rollers and marts as sushi cubes is the next new thing.

There’s many types of rice you can use such as jasmine, brown rice, black and red rice whether it’s hot or cold.You can mix in ingredients like seasoning, chopped ingredients, and so much more. Making rice cubes is also perfect for kids and I know they’ll find it a fun way to make cool cube shapes. You can use it to make polenta, falfel, risotto and to make sweets like cake pops, brownies and fruit and nut squares. Easy to use, Dishwasher safe, Recyclable, FDA approved Food Safe material. Comes with simple step by step instructions. Simple enough that children will love using it too.

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I recommend it to anyone who loves creativity and loves to host. This will make a perfect gift for the rice lover or any foodie.

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