Ramen Burger May Be The Next Best Thing

Ramen Burger May Is The Next Best Thing

Ramen Burger Is The Next Food Craze?

There always seems to be interesting food creations which is bound to be a hit and people will do anything to get their hands on it just to be able to say that they’ve tried it. First it was the cronut craze which is still hot and popular,but now it seems to be like the Ramen Burger Is The Next Food Craze.  So move over cronut, ramen burger is taking New Yorkers by storm. People even waited in the pouring rain to line up to get the ramen burger.

So what is this ramen burger everyone seems to be talking about? It’s a hybrid between ramen formed into a “bun” which is then fried and a beef burger patty in between. The burger is then topped with a special sauce and your choice of vegetables. Keizo Shimamoto who resides in New York who is originally from LA  and was the one to create this Shoyu Ramen Burger creation and was only available in Brooklyn’s Smorgasburg food festival. There were only 150 burgers going for $8 available which quickly ran out.

Would you try the ramen burger if you had the chance and do you think they should be served throughout restaurants in the US?


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