Flatbread topped with egg salad

For a quick healthy snack or even a meal, the Thin & Crispy Wasa Flatbread (pronounced “Vah-sah”) is perfect. Perhaps you have some hard-boiled eggs, you can just get a couple of eggs, 2 tbs mustard, 1 tbs dijon mustard, salt and pepper, and top it on the flatbread.


Wasa Flatbread Rosemary

Wasa was in existence since 1919 founded by Karl Lundström where the name of the flat bread was associated with Swedish king Gustav Vasa. Since 1999, it has been based in Stockholm, Sweden and owned by the Barilla Group where it’s sold in over 40 countries throughout the world!

Wasa Flatbread with shredded chicken

Wasa Flatbread with shredded chicken

What’s great about the Wasa Thin & Crispy Flatbreads is that they are made with all natural ingredients and is lightly seasoned and oven baked for a crispy thin texture and is made with whole wheat goodness to satisfy your cravings and nutrition. The rosemary is a perfect taste when you want something flavorful and really open up your senses.

What’s Wasa Flatbread Made of?

The main ingredients in each flatbread list starts with whole grains, few all natural ingredients, whole wheat flour, palm oil, barley malt extract, yeast and rosemary extract.

Wasa Flatbread with shredded chicken

Wasa Flatbread with shredded chicken

When you’re hungry, just top the flat bread with cheese, egg salad, shredded chicken. cream cheese, jam, cold cut ham, and just about anything you can think of.

Where can you buy Wasa Flatbread?

Cost Plus World Market, Amazon.com, Safeway, Walmart, and other markets as well.

There are many different varieties of Wasa flatbread Wasa like 100% Whole Grain, Fiber, Hearty, Light Rye, Multi Grain, Sesame, Sourdough, Whole Wheat, Crisp’n Light 7 Grain and Crisp’n Light Mild Rye.

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