Jalapeno Pepper Corer

Jalapeno Pepper Corer

Who here loves spicy food? I do! But you wouldn’t guess I didn’t few years back. If my meal made my tongue tingle I would immediately push it away like a child not wanting to eat their vegetables. Yeah it was that bad. Couldn’t I just enjoy my food without suffering the tingle sensation in my mouth?

As I grew older I had a taste for spicy food. It’s strange how I suddenly wanted Sriracha in my Pho noodles, eat chicken with hot sauce, pour Tapatio on my chips, and top my pizza with pepper flakes! I’m still amazed how I ended up actually enjoying spicy food. There’s nothing better than blowing your nose after a hot spicy meal and wiping off the sweat off your face. Now I use spices for almost everything.
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For those who love to add peppers to their dishes but want an easier way to remove the core, there’s an awesome product Norpro 121 Grip-EZ Jalapeno Pepper Corer. Remember, the seeds are what makes the pepper really spicy. Like dangerously spicy! The serrated edge helps scrape the membrane off the inside of the pepper. It’s suggested that you buy peppers that are not curved.
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    Here are some awesome features of the Jalapeno Pepper Corer

  • Stainless steel blade
  • Soft santoprene handle
  • Serrated edge and sharp inner teeth
  • Dishwasher safe

What do you guys think of this product?

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