Giant turkey leg

Orange County Fair Turkey Leg

The Orange County Fair Turkey Leg is a must, but make sure you work up an appetite first. I’ve been wanting to try this our since years ago and I was finally trying it out. Biting into the turkey leg is not easy as you think. Using a plastic knife or fork won’t help either as the meat is really tough. It’s best to use your hands to pull apart the meat or just take a real big bit off of it.

Turkey leg

Bacon wrapped turkey leg

Look at all the bacon wrapped turkey legs! As you walk around the fair, you’ll notice people with their own turkey legs.

Fair sweets

Fair Churros, Fair Gelato, Fair Milkshakes

You jut can’t resist Fair food. I mean, look at all the food vendors!

Fair fried food

Orange County Fair Deep Fried Reese’s Big Cup, Mini sundae, Deep Fried Snickers, mini donuts, and ice cream

You’ll see big signs for fried Oreos, Twinkies, avocados, butter, cheesecake (OMG), and ice cream which will surely draw you in.

Portabello wrapped

Orange County Bacon wrapped Portabello

Our first Fair food is the Portabello stuffed cheese balls wrapped in bacon. This is a easy plate to share as each mushrooms pulls apart from the stick. It’s juicy, crunchy, and oh so delicious. The plate comes with a side of onions that was still too oniony for me.

Orange County Fair Garlic Fries

Orange County Fair Bacon Wrapped Cheese Balls

The second plate are these awesome Bacon Wrapped Cheese Balls served on top of super garlic-y fries. I’m so happy my friends are with me as I wouldn’t have ordered this if it weren’t for them. The bacon is so crispy, the cheese just melts in your mouth, and the garlic fries has actual garlic chunks in it!

Giant snickerdoodle cookies,

Orange County Fair Giant cookies

Next, we’re off to the Fair show room. Good thing you can walk off the food by checking out what there is to see at the Fair Expo.

kawaii poop

Cute poopie keychains

IMG_20160717_174909Here you will find booth with vacation deals, outdoor grills, garlic mincers, hot sauces, gigantic cookies, home made cinnamon rolls, and roasted nuts. By the time you see and smell all the food, you’ll work up an appetite again.


Our next stop to our foodie adventure is the Nacho food stand. It’s not-cho (not your) ordinary nachos and cheese. This is topped with sour cream, steak strips, jalapenos, lots of cheese, avocado, beans and olives. It’s possible to share with four people. Be careful though, it’s pretty messy. The ooey gooey cheese got on my phone case.

Fair Sausage on a stick

Orange County Fair Giant Western Sausage

Not only are there fattening food, but also beer and wine tasting. That’s a pretty good way to cool down but be sure to also stay hydrated with water. I tried uploading the beer we tried but it doesn’t want to work so I’ll just tell you the name of the beer. It’s by the BLACK MARKET BREWING CO. called TRADECRAFT which is a sour beer with blackberries. This beer is really tasty and sour. Luckily there was one left!

Be sure to check out the Orange County Fair because they’re only here until August 14th!


Orange County Fair is located at 88 Fair Dr, Costa Mesa.

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