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Lotus Cafe Menu

So I’m disappointed to know that Lotus Cafe in Jackson Hole WY appears to be closed for good. I went here back in June and I barely go to sharing my visit with you guys. Oh well, but to remember this vegan restaurant, I bring you some pictures.

Guacamole and chips

Lotus Cafe Guac, salsa, and chips

Here’s our guacamole, salsa, and chips. Guacamole is chunky and chips are crunchy.

Mirror decoration

Lotus Cafe Mirror Decor

This is a unique mirror art inside the restaurant. I love the details on the mountains and it’s just amazing how all the mirror pieces fit to make a beautiful mountain.

Green beans and meat loaf

I’m not too sure what this plate is but I believe it’s meat loaf with green beans. Not only is this place vegan, vegetarian place, but they also serve other plate with meat.

Bison burger

Bison “burger” sandwich with fries and salad

This is a sandwich with golden brown fries. I’m not too sure what this is.

Soup Du Jour: Delicious soup with whole wheat bread

The temperature outside was freezing so this soup just hit the spot. I believe it was a veggie soup. I didn’t care for the bread because it was pretty tasteless and dry.

Lotus Cafe Falafel and greens

Lotus Cafe Falafel and greens

When I see falafel, I immediately go for it. That’s what I did at Lotus Cafe and I wasn’t a big fan. It wasn’t as crispy as I wanted it to be and it was quite dry. The sauce really helped though. The pita bread was pretty dry as well.

Fries and sandwich

Lotus Cafe Reuben sandwich

“G” ordered the Reuben Sandwich which came with a side of fries. He really enjoyed it.

Half lemonade and half tea

Arnold Palmer Tea

We ordered an Arnold Palmer tea which was yummy.

In conclusion, I see why it was closed, but I would’ve been back to try their other dishes.

Lotus Cafe was located at 140 N Cache St Jackson, WY 83001.


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