Hey friends! I want to share my visit to LACMA not too long ago. There’s so much to do here and so much to see. Check out the photos below for all the amazing art. Make sure you bring extra cell phone batteries if you plan to use your cell to take pics or bring extra set of batteries for the professional cameras.

The pictures are random so please enjoy the pictures!

SPAM art

Andy Warhol SPAM Canvas

This is an interesting SPAM art by Andy Warhol. I love SPAM and because I’m a foodie, this is one of my favorite artwork  🙂

Giant Pool ball art

LACMA Giant Pool Balls

These Giant pool calls really grab your attention as you walk into the gallery. They’re full of color and makes you want to go play pool yourself. It actually reminds me when I used to play pool with my friends all the time during my teenage years.

LACMA Metropolis

LACMA Toy cars

Okay, you just have to check out this Metropolis 2 Car Track!! This just took the spotlight as you see so many toy cars driving through the many levels of track. Make sure to get to the second floor to get an overview of this amazing track. I can just stand here and watch the cars.

Toy car track

LACMA Metropolis Car Track

It was so funny to see a car toy just drive off course so a museum visitor asks the staff to place the car back on the starting point. There’s not only cars on the track, but if you look closely, you’ll notice train tracks too.

Museum lights

LACMA Lights

Here are some light art up against the wall as you’re walking out from the Metropolis 2 room.

LACMA coffin


Here’s a mummy. Quite small right?

LACMA Egyptian Cat

Figurine of the Goddess Bastet as a Cat

When I saw the Figurine of the Goddess Bastet as a cat, I thought of Cat Woman. Isn’t this something she would totally want in her collection?

Knud Merrild Provocative and Natural Form Organization

Knud Merrild Provocative and Natural Form Organization

Isn’t this 3D looking painting awesome?

Robert Henry Pepita

Robert Henry Pepita


Detailed museum painting

Detailed museum painting

I just can’t stop staring at this piece because I notice all the little details on the canvas.

Museum Canvas

Museum Canvas

This is the full view of the canvas from the previous picture.

Museum modern furniture

Museum modern furniture

Museum giant painting

Museum giant painting

Tony Smith art

LACMA Smoke Sculpture by Tony Smith

You can’t miss the Smoke Sculpture by Tony Smith as you walk into the main museum area. You can take lots of amazing shots from every corner!

LACMA Painting of ladies and a dog in shade

LACMA Painting of ladies and a dog in shade

When I look at this painting, I see how the artist is showing the contrast of sunlight and shadow.

Frantisek Kupka art

Frantisek Kupka Irregular Forms Creation

I love all the colors on this oil on canvas.

Pablo Picasso sculpture

Centaur by Pablo Picasso

Here’s an interesting art by Pablo Picasso using wood.

Pablo Picasso art

Pablo Picasso Woman with a blue veil

This is a beautiful artwork by Picasso back in 1923 and this was done with oil on canvas. It’s surprising to see it’s not his trademark looking face.

Museum crushed cars?

Museum crushed cars?

David Smith art

Cubi XXIII by David Smith 1964

It kinda looks like it says “LAM”. Either way, it’s a cool art made with stainless steel.

Hope you all enjoyed my part 1 of my LACMA adventures. Come back soon for more!


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