La Michoacana ice cream

La Michoacana Premium

La Michoacana Premium is an ice cream shop offering authentic Mexican treats such as Agua Frescas, large selections of paletas, mangonadas, and so much more! Our friend “J” suggested it so we had to go check it out.

La Michoacana ice cream menu

La Michoacana Premium Menu

It’s located in a busy shopping center and this place can get really busy. Lines can be long but I’m glad it’s long so it gives me a change to look at what I want. Trust me, you will get very indecisive once you get here.

Frutas Paleta

La Michoacana Premium ice cream selections

I’m blown away by all their ice cream selections! So sorry about the glare!

Paletas Cucumber, kiwi

La Michoacana Paletas

I see kiwi popsicles, coconut, cucumber, and so much more!

Mexican popsicles

Real strawberry ice cream

Mexican paletas

Delicious Mexican ice cream selection

Cotton candy ice cream

Cotton candy paletas

Lime ice cream

Mangonada ice cream

Mexican cookie ice cream

Mexican cookie ice cream

Mexican cookie ice cream

Mexican cookie ice cream

See that top left hand corner ice cream? I just had to try that so I sampled it. It. Was. Amazing! You get the crunch from the galletas (Mexican cookie), and creaminess of the ice cream and the caramel. One taste and I knew that’s what I was going to get.

Waffle cone ice cream

Mexican cookies ice cream on waffle cone

Here’s a double scoop on a waffle cone. The staff is quite generous with the scoops.

tamarind flavor ice cream

Tamarind ice cream, raspberry cream ice cream

Hubby got the tamarind ice cream plus this raspberry vanilla ice cream. The tamarind looks like chocolate but it’s tamarind. It’s sweet and tangy like the Mexican tamarind candy! Tastes just like it! The raspberry is tangy and sweet as well and then you get creaminess of the vanilla ice cream mixed with the raspberry.

La Michoacana Premium is located at 2327 S Bristol St
Santa Ana, CA 92704.


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