My fiance and I were out and about in LA so I Yelped this place called Komodo Cafe a while back that we could try. I was craving tacos so when I saw this place in my search, I was excited to try it out. It’s not just any tacos though, its Asian Fusion tacos, burritos, truffle fries, Indonesian Fried rice and more.

The chef who made this place possible is Chef Erwin Tjahyadi, who got his training from  Le Cordon Bleu in Pasadena.

Chalkboard Menu

Komodo Cafe Chalkboard Menu

The reason why we never go to LA really is because of the traffic and the parking. Luckily we found great parking, but still. The taco place is pretty small but we managed to find seating right in front of the kitchen.

Mango Citrus, Lychee Lemonade

Komodo Cafe Mango Citrus, Lychee Lemonade

The Lychee Lemonade is a must. I usually don’t order any soft drinks but THIS, you just have to try it. They even give you free refills.

Lychee Lemonade

Komodo Cafe Lychee Lemonade

As we were waiting for the our order, we noticed the wall decor was the taco truck. So then I realized this taco place also has their own food truck! You can find their Week Truck Stops Komodo Weekly Truck Stops.

MP3 Burrito

Komodo Cafe MP3 Burrito

“G” ordered the MP3 Burrito which looked plain. Extra plain. But when he took his first bite, everything changed. He was surprised at how delicious the burrito was. I took a bite as well. The steak was seasoned to perfection and there was even an egg in it. Definitely not your ordinary burrito.

Blazin' Shrimp and Fish N' Grapes

Komodo Cafe Blazin’ Shrimp and Fish N’ Grapes

I was feeling tacos so I ordered the Blazin’ Shrimp and Fish N’ Grapes. The Blazin’ Shrimp was a bit spicy which I liked and is made of Singaporean style shrimp, sour cream salad and cilantro.

Blazin' Shrimp and Fish N' Grapes

Komodo Cafe Blazin’ Shrimp and Fish N’ Grapes

I was quite skeptical of the Fish N’ Grapes tacos, but it was delicious! The fried Alaskan cod was perfectly fried and crispy, and the grapes and roasted almonds with sour cream all came together with the fish.

Komodo Cafe is located at 8809 West Pico Blvd, Los Angeles and 235 Main St, Venice.

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