Kettle Chips

Kettle Chips

I bought a box of single serving bags of Kettle Brand Potato Chips from Costco Wholesales. The box contains two different flavors, one is sea salt and the other was backyard BBQ. What I like about the BBQ is the sweetness to the chips with just a hint of saltiness, but I liked saltiness of the sea salt the best which goes well with a sandwich.

Each bag contains 150 calories and is made with all natural ingredients. What’s better about these chips is that it’s non-GMO and that’s what lead me to buy it. Plus it’s healthier than your average potato chips.

What’s the difference between Kettle Brand Potato Chips and regular potato chips? I wondered the same thing and there seems to be an emphasis on how it’s prepared. Kettle cooked mean that the chips were cooked in smaller batches for a more flavorful potato chip. I like how each kettle cooked chips are noticeably more satisfying and flavorful compared to regular potato chips, but I still enjoy eating Lay’s regular and wavy potato chips.

Do you like kettle cooked chips or regular potato chips? I personally like kettle cooked because there’s that extra crunch from each chips compared to normal potato chips.

I’ll be heading over to Costco soon to get me more of these yummy chips!


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