It’s Wednesday yay! Thought I’d be cheesy and share with you all a new kind of cheese I have discovered. Oh cheese, cheese, cheese. I mean who doesn’t love cheese right? Unless you happen to be lactose intolerant as myself but of course I don’t have cheese all the time or have a lot in one sitting. Since I was a kid, I loved cheese but the only cheese I knew about was the one on pizza, sandwiches, and Hot Pockets. I guess I wasn’t the healthiest when I was a kid when I look back at the kind of foods I was eating. As a grown up, I’ve been eating healthier and have been introduced to more sophisticated types of cheeses.


Sandwich with Jarlsberg cheese

Costco offers a variety of different cheese so “G” and I like to try new ones when we finish up our last cheese purchase. When ever we go over to our friend’s home, she offers so many different kind of cheese served with crackers. She introduced us to honey cheese, spicy cheese, and so many other unique flavors.

When we went to Costco, we saw the Jarlsberg cheese and thought we’d give that one a try. It tastes mild, a bit buttery, and a little sweet. It’s an all-purpose cheese as it can be put on sandwiches, good for snacking, and for cooking. It has a creamy texture.


Sandwich with Jarlsberg cheese, pita, and hummus.

Jarlsberg has a yellow outer layer and a semi-firm yellow interior. The flavor is mild, buttery, nutty and slightly sweet. It is an all-purpose cheese which can be used for both cooking and eating as a snack. It has a characteristic smooth, shiny-yellow body, and a creamy supple texture. Slice a piece and just enjoy as a snack!

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