After going to Kashiwa Sushi for my friend’s birthday, one of her friend suggested Hennesseys Tavern. I was getting extra sleepy so I ordered their Irish Coffee which had the right amount of liquor, cream, sweet and bitterness. A friend of hers bought my friend and I a birthday cake drink which literally tasted like cake! I really enjoyed it.

Hennesseys Tavern also had a live band play and had a little dance floor. Quite a few people went on stage and danced the night away. I had to yell the whole night in order to talk over the loud band. I didn’t mind the band because they were actually playing some 80’s music!

Hennessey's Tavern- Irish Coffee

Hennessey’s Tavern- Irish Coffee

If you happen to be in Seal Beach, this is a place to check out when you’re out with friends or if it’s St. Patrick’s Day.

Hennesseys Tavern is located at 143 Main St Seal Beach, CA 90740.

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