Ever cared to take notice what’s listed on the foods you eat?

In a world where profit is more important than consumer’s health and well being, it’s important that individuals make smarter decisions by being informed. We need to educate ourselves about the harmful ingredients in food.

Below are list of harmful ingredients you should avoid.

Monosodium glutamate (AKA MSG):

Where is it found? It is a flavor enhancer which is added to chips, ramen seasoning, prepackaged foods, and many foods you get at a restaurant.
What are the symptoms? I usually get a migraine immediately after eating it which is not a good thing since msg interrupts brain neurons.

Propeyne Glycol (AKA Anti freeze)

Where is it found? This ingredient is tricky because its in a lot of makeup products such as lipsticks, foundation, and even lotion. I used to think that this ingredient were only in products, but until I started checking ingredients in the packaged foods I buy, I was shocked to find it was in some of my favorite snack food items.
Where are they found? They can be added to ice cream, cookies, and many more.
What are the symptoms?
I need to research a little more about that but just think about it. Why would you consume antifreeze?

High fructose corn syrup (HFCS):

Which is linked to obesity. They can be found in soda, bread, candy, syrup, salad dressing, and the list goes on.


Found in makeup and is linked to causing sterility and hormonal imbalance.


derived from seaweed and is used as a thickening agent which is linked to stomach cancer.
Where is it found? It is added to chocolate milk, ice cream, almond milk (almond breeze), coffee creamers, and many more.

Hydrogenated oils

Trans fats

Red #40:

causes hyperactivity in kids
Where it found? Candy, cakes and cookies such as red velvet, food coloring.

Genetically modified (GMO)

Corn, rice, soy are the main produce that is modified.

Growth hormones:

cows are treated

Sodium Nitrates:

Where are they found? In majority of beef jerkeys

Crystalline fructose

Even more processed than High Fructose Corn syrup.

More info can be found on the link below.

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