Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center 2011

Grizzly And Wolf Discovery Center 2011

Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center

Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center- Major closeup

Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center

Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center

Grizzly And Wolf Discovery Center 
Located at:
201 South Canyon Rd.
P.O. Box 996
West Yellowstone, MT 59758

Admission prices:

Adults (13 and older) $10.50
Seniors (62 +) $9.75
Children (5 – 12) $5.50
Children under 5 FREE

We stayed in West Yellowstone and heard about Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center. My friends and my bf wanted to check this out and so we went after a long day of hiking. Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center is non-profit and is opened 365 days a year. Just as the name of the zoo states, there are grizzly bears and wolves residing here. Of course, there are other animals here as well. The grizzly bears were taken from Yellowstone because they were just too comfortable around humans, and they should strictly be wild. If they get too comfortable, people will end up getting mauled.

The wolves are also from Yellowstone and are there to educate visitors on their interaction and the kind of animal that they are.

My time here was enjoyable as I got to see the grizzly bears being fed. These bears weren’t simply fed, but instead the zoo’s staff would first lure the bears back into their cages and once they were 100% sure they were locked up, they looked for kids to volunteer to hide the bear’s meal. The kids were smart to hide the food underneath rocks, and in places you wouldn’t think a bear would be able to find, but was I wrong. Once the kids hid the food they were taken out of the bears habitat and after again, being 100% sure all the kids were out and gates locked up, the bears were released from the cages.

Slowly but surely, the grizzly bears were ready to eat and with their strong sense of smell, they were able to find every last bit of food hidden within the habitat. It was such a sight to see as the bears would use their massive claws to move the huge boulders to get to the food.

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