It was so amazing to be able to visit such a breathtaking national park…

The Grand Tetons

The Grand Tetons

It was my first time going here and I have to say it was the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to. Well before going here, I never really went to a National Park nor a scenic place. Jacksonhole was a cute town and I fell in love with it right away. I never expected to like a small town as this, but I liked the small town feel. You didn’t get the major fast food chain, but a lot of just original restaurants and unique little shops. The town had art galleries everywhere in which my bf and I would go around town to look at the art displayed in the windows.

Grand Tetons National Park, Jackson WY is a place majority of Yellowstone National Park visitors stop by before heading over there. We decided to go there because we drove from California, to Nevada, then straight to Utah, and made our way to Wyoming. After a 16 hour road trip, we had to stop here at Jackson. Before you head into the main park, there’s an Elk refugee.

The Tetons are actually the name of the well known peaks of the mountains in Jackson. There’s the main middle peak, then with 2 shorter peaks on each side. You could even see the glacier on the Tetons which is an awesome sight to see. Luckily I had my Canon zoom lens to get a good shot.


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