French Toast, side of chocolate, and frozen fruits

French Toast, side of chocolate, and frozen fruits. Photo: Foodwanderer

One of my favorite breakfast item is French Toast because it’s just so flavorful and so satisfying. When I go out to get breakfast, I typically like to order French Toast because you can’t go wrong. Well…unless the egg makes the toast soggy. Below is a simple recipe for French Toast and you can always add any kind of fruits you desire and even chocolate. Who knows, you could even have it with a side of a Toblerone bar!

French Toast, Side of Chocolate, and Frozen fruits

1 refergerated toast
1 egg
Any chocolate of your choice
Frozen fruits

1. Whisk eggs then dip toast into egg mixture making sure the whole toast is coated with egg.
2. Use cooking spray on pan and fire up the stove top. Once hot, cook each side of toast until         fully cooked.
3. Sprinkle cinnamon and enjoy with a side of chocolate of you choice and frozen fruits 🙂

About the Author

I love food and taking pictures of them and consider myself to be a big foodie! My favorite meal of the day is breakfast since it's full of delicious items such as pancakes, waffles, bacon, and french toast. Coffee is a must for the morning because of the wonderful aroma and the taste. I love dark chocolates, but I like to have an occasional milk or white chocolate.