Hello friends welcome to my blog! I want to first of all thank you for dropping by and allowing me to share a little about myself. I called this blog Foodwanderer because I consider myself a foodie and I love wandering about to try out all different kinds of restaurants from mom and pops to chain restaurants. From local restaurants in the Los Angeles County and Orange County to across the states,  join me as I go wandering/venturing off to my next food adventure! 

Food isn’t my only interest. I like cute food plushies, Hello Kitty, Adventure Time, Sailor Moon, Lego, collecting toys, and blind bags .

Even you can be a FOODWANDERER if you love food, trying new dishes, cuisines, snacks, and discovering the next big food fad! If you have Instagram, hashtag #foodwanderer!

You can follow me on YouTube Foodwanderer on Facecook, Instagram_foodwanderer_, Google +, Tumblr, Pinterest and Twitter!

For business/ advertising inquiries, product/restaurant reviews or anything else, contact me at [email protected]

Cute Food Plushies

Cute Food Plushies

Healthy Apple Chips

Healthy Apple Chips

  • Bella

    I just found your blog and I really enjoy your foodie posts! It sure makes me hungry when I see your picture haha.

  • Moonangelz5

    Great food blog! I want to eat all the food you post.