After visiting Euro Caffe about a year ago, I decided to give this place another try. My friend “J” wanted to catch up and so I decided this was a good place to meet up. Check out my visit the last time. Euro Caffe: Cute Cafe Eatery At Costa Mesa CA.

It was a warm day so I wasn’t feelin’ coffee, instead I was feeling more like Iced Green Tea! I really wanted the Nutella Latte because who can resist Nutella right? I walked up to the cashier to order, but she told me they might have run out of the Iced Green Tea Latte! Just my luck. But luckily there was still some of the Green Tea powder left. I wouldn’t have minded ordering the Nutella Latte in case they ran out.
Euro Caffe Nutella Latte & Iced Green Tea

Euro Caffe Nutella Latte & Iced Green Tea Latte

Once I took a sip of my Iced Green Tea Latte, I enjoyed it though I wish it had more of a green tea flavor. It wasn’t anything special, but it was refreshing since it wasn’t overly sweet and it was ice-cold.
“J” ordered the Nutella Latte. I took a sip and was amazed how tasty and rich it was. I’ll definitely have to order that the next time. I should look into making my own, I’ll need to buy some Nutella of my own.
We both shared the Prosciutto Panini and it was delicious. The Prosciutto was salty, but it went well with the bread, arugula, Parmesan, and pesto.
Euro Caffe is located at 3950 S Bristol St Santa Ana, CA 92704.
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