Easy Beef Broccoli Crock Pot Recipe

Easy Beef Broccoli Crock Pot Recipe. Photo: Foodwanderer

As the nights get colder, what better way to stay warm then to pop out the Crock Pot. I love the Crock Pot because there’s just so much possibilities and endless dinner ideas. The plus is that all your have to do is get the ingredients together, toss it into the Crock Pot, and then after some hours, dinner will be served.

Easy Beef Broccoli Crock Pot Recipe
1 1/2 lb boneless chuck steak, sliced into thin stripsIngredients:

1 can (101/2 ounces) condensed beef consomme, undiluted (Campbells)
3/4 Cup Oyster Sauce
2 tablespoons cornstarch
1 bag frozen beef broccoli
Hot rice (Short grain or Long grain)
Sesame seeds


1. Trim fat from steak and place meat into the Crock Pot, pour beef consomme over the meat as well as the oyster sauce. Cover Crock Pot and cook on HIGH for 3 hours
2. After 3 hours, combine constarch and 2 tablespoons of sauce from Crock Pot into a small bowl and stir into Crock Pot. Cook an additional 15 minutes on high or until sauce is thickened.
3. Microwave broccoli according to directions, empty bag into the Crock Pot and gently toss beef and sauce together.
4. Serve over cooked rice and top it off with toasted sesame seeds.


Ingredients. Photo: Foodwanderer

Beef and sauce

Beef and sauce. Photo: Foodwanderer

Tossed Broccoli

Tossed Broccoli with sauce and beef. Photo: Foodwanderer

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