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Funny Side Up Owl Egg Shaper

Funny Side Up Owl Egg Shaper

Moby Picks

Moby Picks

Hey friends! You’ve come to the right place if you want to know about cool products that any foodie will love. From the latest kitchen appliances, small tools to make your lives simplified, and unique products, you can find it all here. Not only do I share cool products but I also buy and review some of the products which I call Product Reviews”. I typically review food items such as snacks, drinks, candy, and a few other things I can get my hands on.

So stick around if you want to hear more about it!
Journey Bar real food energy that won't let you down
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 Cool Products
Hydrate With The Hug
Hog Wild Twirling Spaghetti Fork
Nostalgia Electrics MDF200 Automatic Mini Donut Factory
Mr Bones Skeleton Ice Tray Is Bone Chilling Fun!
AROMAFORK Will Intensify The Way You Smell Your Food
Rice Cube. Let’s Make Rice Cool
Cool Products: Chef’n Zipstrip Herb Stripper
Cool Products: Funny Side Up Egg Shapers
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Cool Products: Silicone Rice Cooker
Cool Products Weekend: Jalapeno Pepper Corer
Cool Products Weekly: Bella Cucina Donut Maker
Cool Products Weekly: Food huggers
Cool Products: Slice and Dice Garlic Press
Cool Products: Fred And Friends Fridge Lid Leftover Savers
Cool Products: Arthur Egg Cup
Cool Products: Vegetable Spiralizer
Cool Products: OXO Good Grips 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer
Cool Products Daily: Gift For The Sushi Lover- Sushiquik
Cool Products Daily:Casabella Silicone Microegg
Cool Products Daily: Muffin Top Cupcake Molds

 Product Reviews


KitchenAid 5 speed Ultra Power Mixer
Misto The Gourmet Olive Oil Sprayer


Zico Chocolate Coconut Water
Cayman Jack Margarita Drink Review
Drink Review: Midnight Moonshine Will Get You Shinin’


Justin’s Organic Peanut Butter Cup
Chocolate  Review: World Market 99% Dark Chocolate
Chocoalte Review: Fresh And Easy Swiss Dark Chocolate
Chocolate Review: Lindt 85% Dark Chocolate
Chocolate Review: Falize Dark Chocolate
New Sweets Discovered: Trader Joe’s Takes Flight Dark Chocolate Bars
New Sweets Discovered: Cadbury Royal Dark Chocolate
After Eight Thin Mint Chocolates
New Sweets Discovered: J.D. Gross German Chocolates
Trader Joe’s ‘Pound Plus Dark Chocolate


Nature’s Path Oatmeal
Organic Pita Pal Hummus: Healthy Eats For Snacking
Product Review: Bare Fruit Apple Chips
Product Review: Wholeganic Greens
Pro Bar
Pure Bar


Belvita Great For Breakfast
Thin & Crispy Wasa Flatbread
Blue Diamond Raspberry Almonds
Quaker’s Rice Cakes
Pre-packaged Belgian Waffle
Stacys Pita Chips Original and Parmesan Garlic and Herb
Kirkland Chocolate Muffins
Miss Vickie’s Kettle Cooked Sea Salt Chips
Kettle Brand Potato Chips
Somersaults- Salty pepper Crunchy Nuggets
Trader Joe’s Sweet Potato Chips VS Food Should Taste Goods Sweet Potato Chips
Korean Rice Crackers
Green Tea Kit Kat Bar Review
Korean cookie (Yak Gwa)
Fresh & Easy’s Mini Croissants
Korean Popcorn


New Sweets Discovered: Koska Turkish Delights (Lokum)
Belgium Biscoff Cookies Perfect For An Afternoon Tea Break
Product Review: Orion Choco Pie
Truvia VS Pure Via
New Sweets Discovered: Anastasia Confections Classic Original Coconut Patties
Koska Turkish Delights (Lokum)
Pepperidge Farm Nantucket Crispy Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookies & Dark-Chocolate-Brownie
New Sweets Discovered: Russian/ Ukranian Pastry Called Nazooks

Ice Cream:

Product Review: Klondike Sandwiches
Costco’s Mochi: Cold Mountain Mochi Ice Cream!
Product Review: Maeda-en Black Sesame Mochi Ice Cream
Product Reviews: Maeda-en Mango Mochi
Maeda-en Green Tea mochi
Mikawaya Green Tea Mochi Ice Cream


Product Review: Geigerrig Pressure Perfect For The Consistant Hiker
Krusteaz Sourdough Breadmix
Tony Romas World Famous Ribs Perfect For Memorial Day
Cheese Review: Jarlsberg cheese
Marie Callendars Chicken Pot Pie Makes A Simple Dinner For Busy Weeks
Product Review: Costco Mediterranean Focaccias

Raspberry almonds

Raspberry almonds


Kashi Chocolate Almond And Seasalt

Kashi Chocolate Almond And Seasalt