Greek Restaurant

Christakis Greek Restaurant

For Valentine’s day, the husband and I decided to check out Christakis Greek Restaurant. We pass by this place every time we’re in the area to go meet with our friend “T” at the Tustin Brewery.  What catches my attention every time I pass by this place is the outdoor patio with nice decor with the fountain at the center. During the night, lights wrapped around the greenery are turned on and it really gives that romantic feel to it.It really has a romantic ambiance.  You can be sure you have the place to yourself because the greenery gives you some privacy from the passerby’s.

Christakis Greek Cuisine

Christakis Greek Cuisine

Christakis Greek serves authentic Greek food where the servers really know how to make wine and food suggestions. The husband and I had a pre-Valentine’s Day dinner on a Friday to beat the crown and luckily, Christakis had their Valentine’s Day menu already prepared.

Christakis Greek Cuisine Outdoor fountain

Christakis Greek Cuisine Outdoor fountain

We were thinking about grabbing a drink at Tustin Brewery, but instead we decided to order a glass of red Wine. The waiter suggested one to us and I’m glad he did.

Christakis Red Wine

Christakis Red Wine

For appetizers, we originally wanted to try the KOPANISTIwhich is Sautéed red bell peppers blended with feta cheese & mild jalapenos 9, but the waiter told us that the SAGANAKImade with Kefalotyri cheese lightly dusted, pan fried in olive oil, served flambéed 12 was a popular choice.

SAGANAKI served flambéed

Christakis Greek SAGANAKI served flambéed

The server arrived, poured a little bit of vodka on the cheese and had it lit on fire. It was such a cool experience to see that. The cheese is perfectly brown, crispy, and cheesy.

Kefalotyri cheese.

SAGANAKI made with Kefalotyri cheese.

Chilean Sea Bass

Christakis Greek Chilean Sea Bass

It paired perfectly with the seasoned pita breads. I just wished we got more of the pita bread.

The waiter also suggested the Chilean Sea Bass that was part of their Valentine’s Day menu . When do I eat Sea bass? Not often so hubby suggested I get it. I’m glad I took his suggestion. The asparagus was in some tangy sauce which reminded me a little bit of soy sauce. Whatever it was, it was really good. The bass was okay, it wasn’t as flavorful as I expected but I enjoyed it. The rice was tasty as well.



He ordered the CHRISTAKIS COMBO which comes with Two lamb chops, Pastitsio & a Dolma 24. The waiter suggested medium-rare (I believe?). “G” really enjoyed it. I tried a piece of the lamb which I thought was very flavorful and the Dolma was especially delicious.

Christakis Greek Tomato Bisque

Christakis Greek Tomato Bisque

Our plates comes with a choice of soup or salad. Tomato Bisque sounded delish so I ordered that. It was really flavorful, creamy, and amazing.

Chicken Rice Soup

Christakis Lemon Chicken Rice Soup

“G” ordered the Lemon Chicken Rice Soup. Simply delish and flavorful. I just love the tanginess of the soup. I was just looking at other restaurant goer’s pics of this soup, and theirs looked more appetizing. Their soup was sprinkled with some kind of herb. I’m disappointed we didn’t get any dried herbs topped in our soup.

Greek Valentine's Day Rose

Christakis Greek Valentine’s Day Rose

Because we ordered one plate from the Valentine’s Day menu, I received a rose. That was super sweet.  🙂

Greek Wine Menu

Christakis Greek Wine Menu

Here is their long list of wine!

Greek Menu

Christakis Greek Menu

Christakis has amazing appetizer selections, salads, seafood, and their specialties.

Greek Menu and wine menu

Christakis Greek Menu and wine menu

Christakis Greek Restaurant is located at 13011 Newport Ave, Tustin, CA 92780.


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